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Palmas Del Mar

Humacao | Puerto Rico

Palmas Del Mar, Puerto RicoIn the east coast region of Humacao, home to manufacturing sectors such as Intel, Chipset, Pfizer and others, sits the luxury resort gated township of Palmas del Mar. 40 minutes from San Juan, situated on beautiful rolling hills that open straight into the Caribbean sea, Palmas del Mar, with over 45 residential lifestyle communities located within its gates, offers a host of resort amenities to its residential community. From Golf course haciendas, to ocean front condos and mountain top estates, the lifestyle here suites all levels of the international second home buyer. With Palmas del Mar Academy- a private school, located within its community, options exist for permanent residency, utilizing the vast array of amenity plush lifestyle options.

Among these is Rancho Buena Vista, the most complete equestrian center in Puerto Rico, comprised of 64 stables, and offering an extensive network of trails and services for riders, and owners, of all levels.


The new Yacht Club is the only state-of-the-art Marina in the Caribbean linked to a complete resort community. Come aboard and reserve one of the 152 slips designed to serve yachts from 50 to 125 feet long. The Yacht Club is also designed with side tie mega-slips reserved for transient mega-yachts of up to 175 feet.

Palmas Del Mar, Humacao | Puerto Rico

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