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The Miramar Arts District

San Juan | Puerto Rico

Miramar CosmoThe Art Deco inspired Miramar Arts District is located on the peninsula directly adjacent from Condado Beach, separated by the renowned Condado Lagoon epitomizing San Juan’s historical residential neighborhood, which famous for having housed Puerto Rico’s elite, dating from the 1950’s to present. Well known architects from this art deco period have left their structural imprint on the neighborhood-noted by the extravagant homes one still see preserved today. Fine Arts Theaters, Music Conservatories, Art galleries and chic cafes define the lifestyle in this alluring neighborhood. Tree lined streets, beautiful art deco single family homes, Lagoon facing luxury high-rises and postmodern town homes are the staple of this arts and music inspired neighborhood. With jogging trails along the lagoon, organic markets, and jazz cafes, The Miramar arts district inspires the artistic nature of San Juan City. Local flower shops, paddle boarders in the lagoon, and music festivals combine to make this the ultimate destination, in an upcoming cultural district... This area is perfect for those who seek the peacefulness of a residential lagoon facing suburb, while having the convenience of travel to Old City, Condado Beach or Island wide, as the inter-island highways all converge at its entrance.
Miramar Puerto Rico

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