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The Dosa District

Santruce | Puerto Rico

Ciadela | Dosa | San Juan, Puerto Rico

Down Town Santruce, Puerto RicoDoSa, or Downtown Santurce, is the ever evolving, hip downtown city of San Juan. Santurce is the most densely populated area of the capitol, which explains why it would make DoSa the Capitols mecca for, music, cuisine, fashion, technology, film, textile and startups. Unpretentious charm, Incredible in its urban atmosphere, Lifestyle in DoSa is where up and coming artists, meets beatnik coffee houses, warehouse lofts, hot new restaurants, and affordable living. The Puerto Rican Museum of Art is a must-visit destination for art-lovers. The building itself is stunning, the collection of local, regional and international artists is outstanding, and the sculpture gardens outside are worth a stroll. The Museum of Contemporary Art boasts contemporary arts in all its mediums, and is a worthy sister to the Puerto Rican Museum of Art. The Centro De Bellas Artes is the island’s premier site for plays, concerts and theatre. Cuisine in this area spans the gamut, from Indian, to Thai, upcoming local chef’s show off their chops here. With restaurants, bars and galleries open late in this district, DoSa is the pinnacle urban lifestyle. Trendy gyms, new cost effective developments and taxis galore, it might be hard not to compare to other similar well known downtown areas, stateside. Beautiful new parks, restored old buildings, and at the entrance to the financial district, DoSa is the new area to keep an eye on.
Santruce, Puerto Rico

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