Condado Beach District
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The Ocean Park and The Point Districts

Ocean Park represents the quintessential in beachfront living. Connected to the Condado Beach district by means of Ashford Avenue, the moment to transcend into this cool beach community, the high-rises of Condado fade into the unique, custom and extravagant single family homes epitomizing Caribbean life.
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The Dosa District

DoSa, or Downtown Santurce, is the ever evolving, hip downtown city of San Juan. Santurce is the most densely populated area of the capitol, which explains why it would make DoSa the Capitols mecca for, music, cuisine, fashion, technology, film, textile and startups.
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Old San Juan

Referred to as Viejo San Juan, or the Old City, the VSJ district of San Juan City, affords a unique lifestyle contribution the Europeans imparted on the Americas, located in the 2nd oldest City located in the Americas, to date.
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Palmas Del Mar

In the east coast region of Humacao, home to manufacturing sectors such as Intel, Chipset, Pfizer and others, sits the luxury resort gated township of Palmas del Mar.
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Relocating Businesses to Puerto Rico

Relocating Businesses to Puerto Rico Larry Friedman on helping businesses move their companies to Puerto Rico.
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Free Trade Zone

Puerto Rico received approval from the U.S. Commerce Department to convert most of the industrial holdings of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) into a massive free trade zone (FTZ).
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Vieques Ferry Schedule

Passenger and Cargo ferry is available from the municipality of Fajardo and managed by the Autoridad de Transporte Maritimo (ATM) , a government agency. Four vessels  run between the town of Fajardo and Vieques several times a day. The ride generally takes about one hour and 15 minutes. The car ferry takes about two hours. The time may vary upon the boat you board and the weather conditions.
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Local Flight Information

Aside from the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport, Puerto Rico has airports in practically every region. Although smaller in terms of number of terminals, these airports are serviced by the same big commercial airlines. So wherever you touch down, it will always be a perfect landing.
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Video | Inception of Extraordinary

Second to none in its class. Located within one of the most pristine and private gated neighborhoods in all San Juan, this majestic home is surrounded by the harmonious environment of a tropical paradise.
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Incentive Legalities Defined

Few places on earth offer a return on investment the way Puerto Rico does. With an every-growing array of services and emerging industries, part of your success will be directly attributable to the incentives available.
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