InsightsThe Ocean Park and The Point Districts
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The Ocean Park and The Point Districts

Ocean Park | Punta las Marias | Puerto Rico

Ocean Park District | San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ocean Park represents the quintessential in beachfront living. Connected to the Condado Beach district by means of Ashford Avenue, the moment to transcend into this cool beach community, the high-rises of Condado fade into the unique, custom and extravagant single family homes epitomizing Caribbean life. In many ways, the beachy- more laid back counterpart of Condado Beach, Ocean Park features yoga studios, laid back bars, organic and vegetarian dining, nature inspired businesses and one incredible stretch of beach. Often here you find joggers, bike riders, dogg walkers, surf shops, cool pastry spots and completely beach chic oceanfront boutique hotels, bars and night spots. Quite as a residential suburb should be, Ocean Park connects directly to Condado Beach, DoSa and the Punta Las Marias District which only distinguishes itself from Ocean Park, by having its four main street entrances, gated. Picture beautiful beaches, multimillion dollar custom homes, beautiful people, kite boarders, and surfers, all situated in a neighborhood comprised of beautiful beachfront tree lined streets. This is where relaxation of oceanfront single family home living meets the convenience of locale to the urban districts. This is the essence of the Ocean Park lifestyle.


Ocean Park District | San Juan, Puerto Rico

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