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The WeCo District

West Condado | Puerto Rico

West Condado District


At the entrance to Condado Beach, sitting westward on a rocky bluff, lies the newly developed, and ever growing, luxury high-rise district of WeCo (west Condado beach). Facing North East towards the Ocean and west of Condado Beach, WeCo represents the new trend in lifestyle evolution for Puerto Rico in the 21st century. Each of the 4 newly designed and completed, luxury High-rise condominiums offer a unique lifestyle opportunity. WeCo, is set on the entrance Of the peninsula, directly before it splits via the lagoon and the highway, towards the Miramar Arts district, Convention District and Condado Beach. Connecting via walking paths, Weco is a center point to the VSJ neighborhood as well. Poised to be “Beverly Center” esq, this uniquely exclusive neighborhood has already undergone development up its upscale courtyard of trendy boutique retail and dinning. This area offers beach access, incredible 360 degree vistas, modern lux lifestyle, catering to those personas interested in the new and modern, in beach city living. WeCo sets the bar extremely high when it comes to luxury living, focusing on outdoor city lifestyles, with a modern twist, located just east of Old San Juan.
West Condado

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