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Old San Juan



Viejo San JuanReferred to as Viejo San Juan, or the Old City, the VSJ district of San Juan City, affords a unique lifestyle contribution the Europeans imparted on the Americas, located in the 2nd oldest City located in the Americas, to date. Upon entering El Viejo San Juan you are immediately aware of the cosmopolitan European influences, dotting every cobble stoned street. Known as the “historical district”, boasting a rare and unique to the area-property tax exemption on buildings deemed of historical value, its XVI and XVII century Spanish colonial “brick and mortar” architecture commands attention. An eclectic melting pot of contemporary eateries, neo classical art galleries and modern nightlife options, The VSJ district offers the luxury of upscale bohemian-style living. Identified by its beautiful brownstones and townhome style residences and businesses, VSJ is the ideal walkable district, complete with trolley transportation and horse and buggy taxi rides. Surrounded by plazas, ancient cathedrals, historic fortresses, galleries, world famous coffee shops, vintage stores, and international cuisine, one might find it difficult to discern its difference from that of the streets of Paris, or the allure of Madrid. If you favor luxury European-esq living, the architectural allure in this quintessential district will make it difficult not to be hypnotized by the boho-chic cosmopolitan lifestyle that is Old San Juan.

Old San Juan

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